Riverfront Development Project

Atchison’s Riverfront Park, the culmination of eight years of work by volunteers and community leaders, was dedicated on June 19, 2004.

The three-quarter-mile-long park along the Missouri River provides riverfront access and information about Atchison and its role in the Lewis and Clark expedition. The park includes a veterans’ plaza to honor local war heroes, a children’s’ park themed after the Lewis and Clark expedition, improved boat access facilities and ramps to the Missouri River, space for community events and recognition of Atchison’s connection to the river. The project was completed in time for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial commemoration, a National Signature Event, on July 3-4, 2004.

For this $4.2 million project, Atchison has received widespread recognition and numerous awards, including the “Outstanding Planning Award for a Special Community Initiative” from the American Planning Association.