Cash For Christmas

When: November 28th – December 12th
Where: Downtown Businesses

Not only does Atchison offer a truly unique shopping experience, with extra special products and deals during the holiday season, shoppers could walk away with great prizes.

The Atchison Area Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses present Cash For Christmas, a program aimed at attracting new customers to Atchison, as well as rewarding those who choose to shop local during the important holiday season.  Shoppers will receive 1 ticket for each $10 spent shopping at a participating business, up to 100 tickets per purchase. Those tickets will then be put into a drawing for cash prizes. The prizes will be awarded in Chamber gift certificates redeemable at those participating businesses.

Announcement coming Friday, December 18th on KAIR 93.7 and on Facebook!

Tune in to KAIR Radio (93.7 FM) during the 7am hour on Friday, December 18th to hear the winning numbers announced, or log on to the Atchison Kansas Facebook page.

Call KAIR at 913-367-9370 to notify us of your winning ticket.  You have 1 hour to make that call. From there we will give you instructions on how to present that winning ticket, based on your proximity to Atchison. You must return the winning ticket.

The Chamber will be redeeming receipts for tickets Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm on November 27th through December 16th. Tickets can be redeemed Saturday and Sunday at Gateway to Kansas Shops. Receipts can be redeemed individually or brought in all together at one time. Get out there and shop local!



Contest Rules

1. Contest will begin on Black Friday, November 27 and conclude Saturday, December 12.
2. Customers will receive a ticket for each $10 spent at participating retailers.
3. Customers will take receipts to the Chamber to receive their tickets. Receipts dated November 27th – December 12th from participating businesses will be given one ticket for each $10 spent. Deadline to redeem receipts at the Chamber is close of business (5:00pm) on Wednesday, December 16. Chamber will be redeeming receipts for tickets Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm, November 27-December 16. NO receipts can be redeemed on Saturday and Sunday in the Visitor’s Center. Receipts can be redeemed on Saturdays and Sundays at Gateway to Kansas Shops. Receipts can be redeemed individually or brought in all together at one time.
4. The winning number(s) will be announced on KAIR Radio (93.7 FM) on Friday, December 18 during the 7:00 a.m. hour and will be posted on the Atchison, Kansas Facebook page at 7:00am as well.
5. Winners will have one hour to claim their winning ticket by calling KAIR at 913-367-9370. In town winners will need to present their winning ticket to the Chamber, 200 S. 10th St. Out-of-town winners will need to fax, scan, picture by phone or email a picture of the winning ticket to the Chamber for verification. At noon, if we have any unclaimed ticket(s) we will draw again on KAIR during the noon broadcast and post on Facebook as well. Same rules as above will apply. Winners’ names will be announced on our Facebook page as soon as winning tickets have been verified.

Double Your Chances on Ladies Night Out, Dec. 10 from 5-8pm

During our annual Ladies Night Out event, you can double your chances! Ladies Night Out — when our local shops and eateries cater to the ladies — you will receive 2 tickets for every $10 you spend.