Member Training

From Chamber sponsored webinars to Kansas Tourism sponsored hospitality programs, there is a variety of training opportunities available for Atchison Chamber of Commerce members and non-members. Find information on training services below.

Hospitality Program:

We hope you and your employees will participate as we strive to be welcoming and friendly to all those who visit our businesses.
Briefly, the program is as follows:

1. Take the Kansas “At Your Service” hospitality training online at This training was developed by our state tourism department.  Upon completion, print the certificate. Present it at the Chamber.

2. You will receive a Complimentary Pass for the historic trolley ride. You may use that pass to take the historic trolley tour on any regularly scheduled trolley as space permits.

3. Join us for a special scheduled review of Atchison’s tourist attractions, including a question and answer session.

Upon completion of all three parts of the training, each participant will receive a $25 Chamber gift certificate good at many participating businesses. If you have questions, please call. We will be happy to help you and your staff complete the Hospitality Training Program!

Managing Your Business on YELP:

The best way to manage your business on Yelp is by claiming your Yelp Business Page and creating a business login. It’s a great, free way to engage the Yelp community.

If your business is already listed on Yelp:

Step 1: Visit and click the “Claim your Business” button to begin.
Step 2: You will then be prompted to search for your business. After entering your business name and address, it will appear in the list below the search bar. Click “Claim this Business”.
Step 3: You will now need to enter your first and last name, your email address and a password. When you are finished click the “Continue” Button
Step 4: This will direct you to a page that says “To protect you and your business we need your to answer a quick phone call.” at the top. This page will have your business’s phone number, as it is listed on Yelp, a 4 digit code and a button that says “Call me Now”. If the number Yelp has listed is incorrect, click “Is this phone number incorrect?” and follow the listed instruction to correct it. When you are ready to receive the call, click the “Call Me Now” button.
Step 5: Yelp will then make a call to your business phone. After answering the call from Yelp, you will be prompted to enter the 4 digit code given to you on the Yelp webpage. Enter it using the phones keypad.
Step 6: After entering the 4 digit code, your webpage should refresh with the message “Your business is claimed”. Shortly following, you should receive an email from the Yelp email asking you to confirm your email address. Click the “Confirm email address” button in the email to finish claiming your business.

You will be able to access your business account at

If your business is not listed on Yelp:

Step 1: Visit and click the “Claim your Business” button to begin.
Step 2: You will then be prompted to search for your business. After entering your business name and address, it will might appear in the list below the search bar. If it does, click “Claim this Business”. If your business does not show up in the list, you will need to click the link which says “Add your business to Yelp”
Step 3: Next, you will have to enter your business information, including name, location, hours, am email address, phone number and industry. When you are finished, submit your form.
Step 4: You will receive and email (in the inbox of the email you listed on the Yelp form) which will ask you to confirm your email address. Click the “Confirm email address” button.
Step 5: The Yelp moderators will then verify your approve your business addition.
Step 6: You will receive an email when your business has been added. Follow the steps outlined to claim your business.

To order the “Find Us on Yelp” window cling for your business:

Step 1: Visit this link.
Step 2: Enter your name, shipping address and business name in the form and click submit.
Step 3: Wait. After submitting the form, you will get this response: “Your response has been recorded. Thank you for your interest! Please note stickers are currently shipped to addresses within the U.S. and Canada, and are sent on a quarterly basis. Please allow at least 8-10 weeks for delivery.”

Claiming Your Business on Google:

Step 1: Visit Click the “Get on Google” button.
Step 2: Search for the name of your business in the search bar.
Step 3: Depending on which stage in the claiming process you are, follow the prompts by Google. Keep all information updated.

List your business on Trip Advisor:

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Select “Hotels”, “Restaurant”, “Attractions”, or “Vacation Rentals”
Step 3: Follow the steps outlined — accommodations must have an official name, address and offer daily onsite management–have all of this information available when listing business. To be listed in a particular accommodation category, Trip Advisor editors need to verify that the accommodation either:
Meets the TripAdvisor guidelines in that category as listed, which means that the services must be listed on the accommodation’s website or a partner’s website, such as a tourist board or reservations partner.
Is licensed specifically as that type of accommodation by either the local tourism board or governmental officials.

To be in the “Hotels” tab, the accommodation must offer all four of the following features:
A front desk opened and staffed 24/7, Daily housekeeping included in the room rate, Private bathroom for each unit. If there is a minimum-stay requirement, it must be no more than 3 nights.
To be in the “B&B/Inns” tab, the accommodation must have:
Onsite staff daily, Daily housekeeping included in the room rate.
Requirements for the “Specialty Lodging” tab include:
The accommodation must have onsite staff daily. Any accommodation that offers shared (dorm-style) rooms will be considered a hostel, and will be listed in “Specialty Lodging”.
“Vacation Rentals” include:
Private vacation homes, villas, or units (apartments, condos) that are available to one party/group of travelers at one time for exclusive use.
Accommodations where homes/units are at different addresses, even if they are owned/managed by one company.
Accommodations without full time staff onsite at the same location with the guest accommodations.
See more about listing a vacation rental on TripAdvisor.
We list permanent places of interest to tourists. We include gear rental listings for sport-related activities such as bicycles, surf boards, and scooters. We do not list car/auto rentals, rentals of electronic equipment (such as cell phones, tablets, and GPS units), or personal items (such as baby strollers, beach umbrellas, and cameras).

The attraction must have an official name, address, and published telephone number. It must be open/available to customers on a regularly scheduled basis. Pre-determined hours or departure times must be published on an official website or in a printed brochure.

If the attraction is not in a fixed place (e.g., tour or cruise), then scheduled departure times, place of departure and destinations (if applicable) must be provided on the website or in the brochure. We list companies that offer day tours or day cruises.

Tour companies that offer private tours may qualify for a listing if:

The company offers day tours (not overnight or multi-day).
The company is licensed/recognized by local city or tourism officials.
The company has a website.
The word “Private” appears in the listing name.
Restaurants must be open to the general public. For chains we list each location as an individual restaurant.